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When he drives you crazy…

Dear Ladies,

We’ve all had our fair share of those hard to deal with men. You know the ones I’m talking about…

  • The ones that say they’ll call and don’t.
  • The guys that are looking for one thing, but not so open when its time for a real date
  • The guy who says let’s meet at 9pm and shows up at 10pm
  • If you know a guy like this then my advice to you is: DUMP HIM and find a new guy today. The internet is a great place to start…so just do it!


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    Does Love End?

    I was reading a blog about love and found a discussion on does love expire. I think it’s foolish to believe that we can maintain the same level of desire or passion in a relationship that we feel in day one. However, real love never dies. This is the kind of love that we can experience for our children or parents or friends – or anyone that we love unconditionally.

    Some of us are fortunate enough to experience this with our partners. We need to have a mature love to be able to feel this way and get through the good times and the bad times. However, as we know from one of the most famous books ever written:

    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves.”
    – 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

    Think of love in this way and it may change your life.


    Putting Yourself First

    When you are looking for love, its always important to look inward too. You need to be confident and feel ready and open to finding the right person, by feeling open and confident with yourself.

    If you don’t take care of yourself and put yourself first then how can anyone else want to put you first in their life. Doing the little things for yourself is important:

    *Take time for working out – this makes you look and feel great.

    *Get a pet – you can have something to love, while you are looking for love.

    *Go shopping – buying yourself a pretty new dress can boost your confidence.

    These are just a few tricks that can help you feel good, while putting yourself out there. When you are browsing for men or women on the Internet, remember that you are a unique individual and feel good no matter how the date goes.


    Don’t Burn Dating Bridges

    Dear Girls & Guys out there looking for love,

    Somethings in life are easy and some are hard: breaking up is one of those things.

    There’s an interesting article on today about breaking up in business relationships. I think this can be used in personal relationships too.

    The crux of the author’s message is: Don’t burn your bridges. In business relationships, it may seem more cut and dry, but remember how many Facebook connections or LinkedIn connections you may have with your soon-to-be ex.

    Ending on a bad note with him and her can have big ramifactions in your social and work life. For more insights check out Sean Cheyney’s Article today.

    Don’t forget to start building new bridges today, by checking out a great dating site with my recommendation!


    Meeting Ms. Right

    This one is for all the guys out there: How do you know when the right girl is the right girl?

    I know it can seem hard to know, but there are a few telltale signs that she’s ‘the one.’

    1) She makes you want to achieve more for yourself and in life. If she inspires you in your life than that is a good sign. If you want to take better care of yourself and do more with yourself that that is a good way to know she could be the right girl.

    2) She values what you value. When you both share the same ideas about how you want to live your life and what you want out of life that that is a great indicator as well. People with similar values get along better and have ore in common than those who don’t.

    3) She makes you laugh. Having a great sense of humor is another way to know that she’s a good match for you, so don’t forget that. If she gets you giggling than she could be a good match for you.

    Check off the Debbie checklist for those three things and see if she’s a good mate for you or not. If you haven’t found the right girl yet, then no worries try one one of these websites to find the love you are looking for.


    Tame Your Beast

    Dear Ladies,

    Did you grow up reading fairytales and wonder where your Prince Charming is? Well perhaps, our job in life is to turn our men from beasts into princes.

    Remember the story of Beauty & the Beast, the young maiden was stuck with an old beastly lion that she had to tame. Once she loved him he did indeed morph into her Prince Charming. Could this be the case for lots of us women out there?

    We are always looking for the Prince, but perhaps we should take note of some of the beasts in our lives are merely men awaiting a transformation by some unassuming female.

    So get out there and find the best man you can using online dating and then see just how far they will go to recreate themselves in a better light for you.


    Debbie is Back!

    Dear readers,

    After a long hiatus, Debbie is back to answer your questions and advise you in matters of love and romance. Please feel free to write a letter and have your answer posted to help you and other readers.

    Since Spring is in the works, people will be looking for love. Nothing is better after a cold and dark winter, than a Spring fling. So get out there and get online and meet someone new in your area.

    Try any one of our dating sites and you could have a date this weekend.

    Best of luck in love,


    Dating & Your Time

    Sometimes dating can feel like a chore. Between work, school, friends, kids, pets, cleaning, cooking, and your hobbies you are a busy person. So how can you make time for romance in your life? Here’s a few suggestions on how to make dating more manageable.

    Keep your first date short & simple. With so many guys and girls out there to choose from – you need to be selective. When you go on a short date you’ll find out if you have chemistry in just an hour or two – if there’s not you move on to the next.

    Short dates help you date at lunch, after work, or on a weekend afternoon. This way your whole evening or weekend isn’t consumed if your date turns out to be a dud. Save your time for when the right person comes along.

    Go online. When you date online you’ll meet more potential dates than you can imagine. There really is no better way of meeting loads of quality men and women than by going online. Sort through photos and profiles to give you a quick glimpse into someone’s life. If you find someone that catches your eye then make a move.

    Follow these tips and you’ll have more time to find someone worth your time.

    xo Debbie

    Hungry Like A Wolf: Let Him Make A Meal Of You

    What do 80’s videos have to do with your love life? They have alot to teach us about the basic nature of men and women.

    Duran Duran’s classic video Hungry Like A Wolf teaches lessons that have held true for centuries or at least the last 25 years:

    • White linen in India is usually a good idea, but it can get a bit dirty.
    • Don’t let villagers drip river water in your mouth, no matter how sexy you think it looks.
    • Guys: You do the chasing. Girls: You paint yourself in tribal colors and roll in the leaves until he finds you.

    The basic idea is men the hunters and as frustrating as it can be for both parties: men need the chase and women need to give it to them. So next time you meet a guy, let him ask you out. Even when your online dating it’s cool to drop a guy a cute note, but let him take the lead. When you follow the wolf, you’ll never lose the game.

    Top 5 Things To Do While You Wait For His Call

    Dating_Advice_Blog.jpgYou’ve been out with a guy once or twice and dig his vibe, you definately want a second or third date. Meanwhile, you can’t deal with the pain of waiting to hear from him. You know what I’m talking about – the days, hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds that you count, while you wait for his next call.

    We all know that a watched pot never boils and a watched cell phone certainly never rings – so take back those hours and do something else like:

    1) Plot World Domination – or at least make some goals for yourself. Have you consider any important financial or work goals that you want to accomplish lately? If not, then get going.

    2) Make A List – write down all the things you’re grateful for in your life right now. Thinking about what your happy about will put you in a positive state of mind.

    3) Make Plans – that’s right, don’t wait for your man to make a date with you. Call your friends, make plans for a girl’s night on Saturday. If he can’t see you that night, it’s cool see him on Tuesday.

    4) Workout – Being fit feels good all the time. So take your hand out the cookie jar and forget about nibbling away at your anxiety – get to the gym and work it out. Plus you want to look great for when he finally does call and you have a hot date.

    5) Find A Date – Get online and find a cute guy to flirt with, you’re still single remember? When you shift your energy way from waiting for guy A to call and start flirting with guy B – you’ll probably have them both calling in 48 hours flat. Check out my online dating review pages to find some new boys right now.

    xo Debbie

    Debbie Says…Joe vs. Thor?

    Muscle men get lucky, Joe Schmo gets married – or so say UCLA researchers. Gawker reports that muscular dudes may get more play, but when it comes to settling down women prefer an average Joe.

    According to Gawker, only “whorey” women go out with meat-heads – and then only for the, um, meat between their legs. Muscle guys get laid more because they have something to prove. Muscle boys are sluts because they crave self-worth and approval.

    One woman interviewed concludes that big muscles and bad hygiene go together like steroids and locker rooms. But everyone knows muscle men are way into hygiene. They don’t call it a back, crack and sack wax for nothing.

    Deep down inside our ovulatory selves we want a muscle guy to hunt bears and drag us by our hair. But for 25 days of my cycle, I want someone cuddly who’s not named Thor.

    That’s why the average Joe’s win – survival of the sweetest.